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Gallifrey Scholarships and Internships for Social Enterprise.



Social Enterprise


Social Enterprise is defined as an organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximising profits for external shareholders. Social enterprises can be structured as a for-profit or non-profit, and may take the form of a co-operative, mutual organisation, a social business, or a charity organisation.


All successful MBA, EMBA and Sloan Masters applicants who have a background in social enterprise with a preference for women and/or candidates residing in Africa.


Meet the Gallifrey Scholars

  • Jonathan Crouch
  • Tom Vanneste
  • Ifeoma Nwobodo
  • Meryem Cherif
  • Machela Sathekga

Jonathan Crouch



After a career in managing agricultural development projects across the global south, Jonathan was looking to transition to the impact investing sector. Whilst at LBS he had the chance to work with a wide range of social enterprises across sectors and went on to join CDC, the UK government’s development finance institution. He recently launched Ibex Capital Solutions Ltd., which is helping rural enterprises in Africa achieve financial sustainability and impact at scale.

Tom Vanneste


MBA 2016

Tom came to London Business School from four years managing the CCBRT Disability Hospital in Tanzania and one year working for the Vodafone Foundation. During the MBA, Tom founded a start-up called Kukua that is installing weather stations across Africa and hopes to impact the lives of smallholder farmers by providing accurate weather information. Tom is currently working as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in South Africa. He retains close ties to CCBRT and is active on the board of Kukua.

Ifeoma Nwobodo


Sloan 2016

Ifeoma comes with years of experience in various sectors in finance and administrative roles in both the private and public sector. In the last role, she played an active part in ensuring delivery of good governance and the provision of infrastructure facilities. She came to LBS for the Sloan fellowship program designed for very senior executives. She was in the Volunteer club and participated in Conferences and Elective Courses in the Social Impact Sector to garner more knowledge to face the challenges of the sector in a developing economy. Currently, Ifeoma is working on training and development of Small and Medium Scale entrepreneurs to grow their business and become more profitable.


Meryem Cherif


MBA 2018

Meryem joined LBS after managing sustainable development projects in the Mediterranean region for 5 years under the UNEP umbrella. During this time, she worked with policy makers, civil society, entrepreneurs and consumers to raise awareness about the sustainability challenge and help build solutions to address it. After her MBA, she intends pursue this work with the private sector.

Machela Sathekga


MBA 2019

Machela joined London Business after seven years working as one of Africa’s few actuaries in consulting, insurance and investments. She is an advocate for education, having experienced how it has changed the trajectory of her life as a young girl from Limpopo, South Africa. She is passionate about spreading its impact and this has led her to invest in an education start-up serving the missing middle in South Africa and Kenya, sponsor young South African girls education and actively support literary initiatives such as Read-to-Rise. She has also been an advisory board member for The Experience Factory, a social enterprise bridging the skills gap with hands-on experience and practical education. She hopes to make a difference by building the leaders and the businesses and that will ultimately build Africa.



Social Enterprise


For current MBA candidates to fulfill their internship requirements by working for a not-for-profit organization. Currently this internship supports Turquoise Mountain operating in Afghanistan, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia.


Turquoise Mountain Interns

  • Silvia Del Carpio
  • Itzel Barrón-Arellano
  • Madhavi Bhagra

Silvia Del Carpio

MBA 2016

London and Kabul Afghanistan
June – September 2015

Itzel Barrón-Arellano

MBA 2017

Yangon Myanmar
July – September 2016

Madhavi Bhagra

MBA 2018

Yangon Myanmar
June – August 2017